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Choosing a Public Health Degree Program


If you're interested in a public health career, you will have to complete a bachelor's degree as the minimum requirement and a master's degree as the standard. Your degree level also forms the basis for the types of jobs that may be opened to you. Bachelor's degrees are good for breaking into the field, while master's degrees are necessary for career progress. Doctorate degrees can pave the way for teaching, research and leadership positions.


Bachelor's Degree Programs


Within your first or second year of undergraduate studies, you are required to pass general education courses in English, mathematics and humanities. In final two years, the courses will center on your major. Although some programs can include a concentration inside your major - for example, health management - you will probably have to take such courses as Introduction to Public Health, Epidemiology and Global Health among others.


Master's Degree Programs


A master's in public health (MPH) is now considered the gold standard for several professions nowadays. Although a bachelor's degree is a good entry path, a master's degree assures employers that you have substantial knowledgeable base in leadership and economics, as well as in a host of other complex issues.


Several MPH programs from https://www.ultimatemedical.edu are created for individuals who are already degree holders in the fields of medicine, social and behavioral sciences, and law.


A typical MPH load includes such courses as Social Justice, Health Policy, Ethics, Public Health Law, and Health Economics and Public Health. Find out some more facts about education through http://www.ehow.com/education/.


On top of classroom the time, students are also usually required to render 300-hour field work. Students who do not have an advanced degree can get Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH), which is meant for who intend to proceed to a PhD program.


Doctorate Degree Programs


There are two types of doctoral degrees in public health - Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), a professional degree, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), the most advanced level of public health education and the degree for students who are planning to teach or work in research.




In the U.S., public health programs are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). Accreditation is the confirmation that a school or program satisfies the highest standards of the accrediting body. Students of an unaccredited school cannot apply for financial aid and other programs funded by the federal government. For students, an accredited school serves as a pass to advanced degrees from other accredited programs. Visit this website at www.ultimatemedical.edu for more info about education.